Johanita Kirsten, senior lecturer in Afrikaans Linguistics at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University in South Africa, is interested in recent and ongoing changes in Afrikaans language use. She completed her MA and PhD in Afrikaans and Dutch (Historical Linguistics) at the NWU under supervision of prof. Bertus van Rooy, and received the ABSA Bronze Medal for her MA dissertation. The research topics she has published on include changes in the verbal system of written Afrikaans during initial standardization of Afrikaans in the early 20th century, changes regarding temporal reference in Afrikaans during the course of the 20th and early 21st century, and how this links to theories of language change; another focus of her work is issues of language purity in the historical descriptions of Afrikaans and ideological issues in published linguistic research. She continues to research different recent and ongoing changes in Afrikaans usage, as well as ideological issues in Afrikaans linguistics. She has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate Afrikaans Linguistics modules at the NWU since 2012, and supervises postgraduate studies in Afrikaans Linguistics and General Linguistics.

INTERESTS:Afrikaans historical linguistics; language variation and change; language contact; sociolinguistics


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