Pheladi Fakude is a lecturer at the School of Languages on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University and a researcher in the sub-programme Applied Linguistic Studies in UPSET. Her current role primarily involves lecturing Academic Literacy Development module to first year students. Her current research aimed to investigate the reading pattern of Sepedi-English readers, reading in both Sepedi and English before and after they had been exposed to additional reading material in Sepedi, to investigate how such an intervention affects their reading patterns with the use of an eye tracker.

INTERESTS: She is fascinated by the interface between languages and literacies and intrigued by multilingualism in the South African Higher Education. She studies the reading behaviour of students in their home language and English in order to investigate their reading behaviour. She has recently incorporated an eye tracker to provide more evidence of their reading behaviour.


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Contact Information

TEL: 0169103501