After a diverse career in language teaching, management of an environmental NGO and publishing, I joined the NWU on 1 September 2012 as a staff member in the subject group Academic Literacy (AL). I finished my master’s degree in 2014 and plan to enroll for a PhD in 2016. My dissertation focused on the description of the participle in Afrikaans as another form of the verb from a cognitive usage-based description framework. In 2014, I received the award for the best MA student in Afrikaans from the School of Languages (Potchefstroom Campus) and in 2015, I was awarded the Marius Jooste Medal for the best study in Afrikaans. Since my appointment, my contributions to the subject group (including the campus as well as the NWU) were mainly involving the redesign and material development for different courses we offer. At the beginning of 2015, I was appointed as subject chair of Academic Literacy on the Vaal Triangle Campus. As a subject group, we are currently setting up a range of projects involving the improvement of teaching and learning.

INTERESTS: Material development in language teaching, Development of assessment tools in language teaching, Reading assessment, e-assessment, Diagnostic language testing.


Butler, Anna P. 2014. Die deelwoord in Afrikaans: perspektiewe vanuit ʼn kognitiewe gebruiksgebaseerde beskrywingsraamwerk. Potchefstroom: Noordwes-Universiteit. (Dissertation – MA).

Butler, Anneke. 2016. Die deelwoord as ʼn ánder vorm van die werkwoord. Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, 56(1): 81-101.