Dr Ella Wehrmeyer is a senior lecturer in Translation Studies at the School of Language Practice, University of the North West, Vaal Triangle Campus in South Africa where she teaches translation theory, literary translation and interpreting studies. She holds a D. Litt. et Phil. from the University of South Africa, Pretoria. Her dissertation investigated sign language interpreting on television using questionnaires, focus groups, eye-tracking analysis and corpus analysis. She has developed an annotation system for text-based signed language corpus research and has further developed the Descriptive Translation Model in Translation Studies. Her research interests include sign language interpreting, theoretical models of translation and interpretation, process-oriented studies, children’s literature, eye-tracking and corpus linguistics. She also has experience with using eye-tracking studies for usability of mobile devices, web-page development studies, reading education, subtitle development and investigating sign language discourse markers. Coming from a background in education, she maintains an interest in children’s development of learning and reading skills. Apart from English and Afrikaans, she also speaks German and Russian and regularly interprets from Russian into English as part of her community service.

Wehrmeyer, Jennifer Ella. 2015. An annotation system for signed language interpreting corpora. Hermeneus, 17: 279-318.

Wehrmeyer, Jennifer Ella. 2015. Comprehension of television news sign language interpreters – a South African perspective. Interpreting, 17(2): 195-225.

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