Melanie is a lecturer in editing at the School of Languages and a researcher in the sub-programme Applied Language Studies in UPSET on the North-West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus. She holds a Masters in Language Practice. Her past research has focused on issues of professionalisation, training and regulation within the editing industry in South Africa, and she has published several articles on these matters. Since 2014, her research focus has expanded into the investigation of what editors do when they edit, how they do it and the effects of their changes. In this regard, Melanie has recently made use of eye-tracking as a process-oriented research method to understand and explore the cognitive effort associated with professional editing and reading during editing. She got her PhD in Language Practice in 2019, that investigates the role of editorial intervention in on-going language change and variation in written registers.

Law Melanie & Kruger Haidee. 2017. How editors read: An eye-tracking study of the effects of professional editorial experience and task instruction on reading behaviour. In Lacruz I & Jääskeläinen R, eds. Innovation and Expansion in Translation Process Research (American Translators Association Scholarly Monograph). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. p. 241-265.

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TEL: (016) 910 3508